“Living in an area where standards for the beer and liquor industries are high, we turned to the area that is best known for the finest engineering and equipment to help us get the best results for our clients–Germany.” – Todd Olander


Root Shoot Malting is the first craft malthouse in the United States to operate a Mälzungssystemen from Kaspar Schulz in Bamberg, Germany. We selected this system for its advanced technology that is composed of a steeping vessel and a germination-kilning combo drum. 

With this technology, we are able to deliver the best of both worlds: incomparable local malt flavor and the promise of high-quality consistency. 

Our drum malting equipment is capable of producing 10 tons of Colorado malt per week. We offer fresh, unique, made-to-order malts that can't be surpassed. 

Learn more about this amazing technology and process in the short video below.